Born Rich was made in 2003 by Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, documenting his experience growing up in one of the world’s wealthiest families. This was Johnson’s first documentary film, his second film The One Percent is much better.

Wikipedia describes the film as “a documentary on children of the insanely rich, directed by one of their own, Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson.It consists primarily of Johnson interviewing his friends and peers about the experience of living life free of financial constraints. These interviews are offset by Johnson’s exploration of his own experience and family. Jamie’s uncle is screenwriter and novelist Dirk Wittenborn, whom Jamie credits with encouraging him to make a documentary about the experience of wealthy children.”

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  • Phulltillt 3 years ago

    The vast amount of media instantly available makes the following statement unusual. This documentary held my interest from beginning to end. It even sparked conversation on the topic and on the filmmaker.

    Well done Mr. Johnson!

  • stephanie 3 years ago

    I just finished watching your documentary, Born Rich. I enjoyed it for taking a deeper look into this lifestyle. It also left me feeling sorry for many of these billionaire heirs. Your dad seems utterly without inspiration. What happened? I admire you for at least choosing to do something interesting in your career and shining light on the “rich lifestyle.” I noticed NONE of your interviewees wanted to do anything to help the world-help with hunger, environmental sustainability, child slavery, disease, lack of medicine globally. Please help me understand why NO ONE cares.