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The World of Buckminster Fuller

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A 1974 documentary about the fascinating inventor Buckminster Fuller.

How Robots Will Change the World

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Robotics is the art and commerce of robots, their design, manufacture, application, and practical use. Robots will soon be everywhere, in our home and at work. They will change the way we live. This will raise many ph...

I Lost My Job: The Rise of Technological Unemployment

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A short documentary film which sets out to explore the phenomenon which is affecting and due to affect many people's lives - namely, technological unemployment. The documentary also examines what we can do about i...

Owned & Operated

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Owned & Operated is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the internet. Showing our lives as consumers, under the thumbs of privileged individuals and their methods of control. But the world is awakening, and ...

Paradise Or Oblivion?

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Paradise or Oblivion, a new documentary from The Venus Project, details the root causes of the systemic value disorders and detrimental symptoms caused by our current established system. This video presentation ad...

2012: Time For Change (Trailer)

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Are we experiencing capitalism's last stand before the entire paradigm of global culture shifts? We are clearly facing a multi-dimension crisis on the Earth with entire nations collapsing under the burden of their...

Cars of the Future

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"While the world’s oil companies insist they’ll dominate the energy picture for the foreseeable future, the US is placing a substantial bet elsewhere … on a coming age of advanced batteries and electric cars." This...