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Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens

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At a time when the Catholic Church ruthlessly burned heretics alive for dissent, the scientist Galileo Galilei risked his life to advance his revolutionary concepts of the Universe.

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler

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Infamous for his crimes against humanity, Hitler's rise to power was unexpected and devastating. But how could a political party so intolerant gain so much power under one man? Using historical newly colourised and im...

The Adventure Of The English Language

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Melvyn Bragg travels throughout Britain to explore the roots of the English language which evolved from a German dialect that arrived in the country in the fifth century and evolved into a language that is understood ...

Empires: Napoleon’s France

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For nearly two decades he strode the world stage like a colossus – loved and despised, venerated and feared. From his birth on the rugged island of Corsica to his final exile on the godforsaken island of St. Helena...

An Islamic History of Europe

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In this fascinating 90-minute documentary, Rageh Omaar uncovers the hidden story of Europe's Islamic past and looks back to a golden age when European civilization was enriched by Islamic learning. Rageh travels ac...