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The Missing Link

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Last year the discovery of a tiny fossilised jawbone hit the headlines. The jawbone, only a few centimetres long with seven rows of teeth, was found abandoned in a dusty museum where it had lain unnoticed for decades....

Nothing In This Video Is True But It’s Exactly How Things Are

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If conventional explanations of life don't make much sense to you anymore, the ideas in this film just might. Bob Frissell is the author of the classic underground book "Nothing in this Book is True, but it's Exactly ...

The History of the Universe, Life and Evolution

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This series explains the scientific evidence for our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa, in a way that most 7th-graders would understand. It challenges people who believe we were created b...

The Ape That Took Over The World

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In 2001 scientists announced an amazing discovery: the oldest skull of a human ancestor ever found. The 3,5 million year old fossil was remarkably complete, and unlike any previous fossil find. Its discovery - by a te...

The Day We Learned To Think

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Understanding of humans' earliest past often comes from studying fossils. They tell us much of what we know about the people who lived before us. There is one thing fossils cannot tell us; at what point did we stop li...

Beyond Me

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This documentary delivers a universal message of peace. In 53 minutes, this film spans the cosmos, instincts, reincarnation, cellular biology, personality disorders, computer science and much more and offers a com...

Evolution: The Mind’s Big Bang

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How did our ancestors become truly human? Why does our brain work the way it does? Learn the mystery behind the birth of the human sciences, culture, communication, and art. This fascinating documentary explores t...

The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey

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The Journey of Man is a documentary that talks about our evolution, our recent history, and how we came to be to the way we are today. It looks at the Y chromosome, that's passed down from male to male, and tracks the...

The Incredible Human Journey: Out of Africa (HD)

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How did we get here? Following a trail of clues from the latest scientific research, Dr Alice Roberts re-traces the greatest ever journey taken by our ancestors. Thousands of years ago one small group of our species, ...