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Who Is Peter Joseph?

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Who is Peter Joseph? is an interview with Peter Joseph, the creator of the Zeitgeist trilogy and the founded of the Zeitgeist Movement. He described himself and his life in details in this rare interview.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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The highly-anticipated third installment in the Zeitgeist series, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward presents a compelling case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm. This subject matte...

The World’s Top 10 Greatest Conspiracy Theories

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This documentary looks at the top 10 most popular conspiracy theories that prevail in our culture. It covers everything fro the moon landings, Kennedy's assassination, the death of Princess Diana, government mind cont...

The Dark Side of the Moon

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Dark Side of the Moon is a French documentary by director William Karel which originally aired in 2002 with the title Opération Lune. The basic premise for the film is the theory that the television footage from th...

The Truth Behind The Moon Landings

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Did the United States actual land on the moon in 1969 or was Stanley Kubrick paid to fake the moon landing in a Hollywood Studio? This BBC documentary looks at the conspiracy theories surrounding the U.S. determinatio...

Loose Change: Final Cut

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With the departure of the Bush Administration and the arrival of an “era of transparency,” opportunities are arising for the disclosure of new information that may shed more light on the events that took place before ...

Zeitgeist Addendum

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"In a world where 1 % of the population owns 40% of the planet's wealth... In a world where 34,000 children die every single day from poverty and preventable diseases, and where 50% of the world's population lives ...

Zeitgeist: The Movie

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"The more you educate yourself, the more you understand where things come from… the more obvious thing become and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to know the truth and see the truth and the truth will s...