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Drone On: the Future of UAV Over the US

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From military weapons expos in Jordan to idyllic SoCal beaches, we caught up with some of those who are building and selling unmanned aerial vehicles all over the world, and even convinced a few companies to let us ta...

Human 2.0

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Meet the scientific prophets who claim we are on the verge of creating a new type of human – a human v2.0. It’s predicted that by 2029 computer intelligence will equal the power of the human brain. Some believe thi...

Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy

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Broadly considered a brand that inspires fervour and defines cool consumerism, Apple has become one of the biggest corporations in the world, fuelled by game-changing products that tap into modern desires. Its leader,...

The Hunt For Artificial Intelligence

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A fascinating documentary exploring the future of artificial intelligence and how it can help us in every day life.

Trance-Formation: The Future of Humanity

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Have you ever wondered about "The Singularity"? What is it? What it is? What it means for our species? In this film Max Igan takes you on a voyage of discovery and suffering, and what this could mean for humanity!...

Next World: Future Intelligence

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Catch a first-time glimpse at smart technology that will put android helpers in the home, network commuters and entire cities to the Web, and bring us entertainment systems that can virtually make dreams come true...

Building Gods

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This film by Ken Gumbs tackles the issue of pending greater-than-human artificial intelligence and the possible ramifications. Different individuals with different backgrounds are interviewed on the subject, includ...

Visions Of The Future

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In this new three-part series, leading theoretical physicist and futurist Dr Michio Kaku explores the cutting edge science of today, tomorrow, and beyond. He argues that humankind is at a turning point in history. In ...

2057: The Cities of the Future

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What would you see and experience if the clocks rolled forward 50 years? In a unique blend of drama and science, this three-part series shows you the world of tomorrow. Will we have flying cars? Will advances in medic...