South China Mall: The World's Largest Shopping Mall

This short documentary tells the story of the New South China Mall, which is the world’s largest shopping mall (twice the size of America’s largest mall – The Mall of America in Minnesota). Unfortunately, it was built in the middle of nowhere and there are barely has any stores or people visiting (it is currently 99% vacant). You’d think that someone would have realized this in the planning stages before spending billions on dollars on the construction.

The absurdity of the whole situation surrounding the New South China Mall defies belief. This doc short is from the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary Utopia In Four Movements. China is desperate to keep up their high GDP growth regardless of the cost – they’ve also built entire cities that stand empty. Check out China’s Empty City.

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  • Arnold Vinette 3 years ago

    I simply cannot imagine how a project so large could be funded to completion and have only 10 tenants inside.

    Where are the people shopping now?

    How far away do the people live?

    How do the people travel?

    As in any mall complex it must serve the community in some way.

    The solution to this problem is pretty obvious. Let businesses setup in the mall for free. Then as business grows they will pay a certain amount back in rent.

    I just think of all the commercial space available in Ottawa, Canada. I have tried for months to lease space only to be told no you can’t lease it.

    “Why?” I ask “its empty?”

    “Because we don’t want to lease it to you,” they say.

    “Okay” I respond. And the space remains empty.

    If this mall wants to be filled with people I will fill it with 20,000 to 50,000 workers.

    I must have the support of the local government and Chinese government.

    I can fill this mall within 90 days with workers.

    The United States, Canada and Russia have rejected this idea. If China excepts my proposal and supports it across the country I can create around 1 million new jobs in this area over time based on China’s population of 1 billion people.

    This is NOT an exaggeration. But it requires local government and Chinese government support.

    Contact me as soon as possible and we will go to work on the idea.

    This space is too valuable to waste and I can use it to develop an entirely new industry in China. An industry that the United States, Canada and Russia have refused to support because they simply lack the vision.

    If you have the will and determination, I will show you how to use this mall. How to fill this mall. And more importantly how to use this mall to generate initially 20,000 to 50,000 new jobs and up to 1 million in the future.

    These jobs are all computer based and develop creative computer skills. They engage the entire community.

    Just get me a Chinese interpreter to start.

    Arnold Vinette
    Project Manager
    Ottawa, Canada

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  • admin 3 years ago

    Thanks for the comments, you guys make excellent documentary films.

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